Baja Bell Realty

Los Cerritos, Baja California Sur, Mexico!

Who is Baja Bell… ??   

And why Baja California Sur, Mexico?

We live, work and play (alot) in sunny Mexico. We are always searching and traveling this great
country in order to find and tell our friends of incredible places to live a "fuller life" and to
encourage them to get away from their "rat race" back home.

Yes, there are certain parts of
Mexico that could resemble war zones due to drug cartel territorial disputes. But based on all our travels and current news from the media it indicates that Baja California Sur, is a "gentle island", hidden from the drug wars, terrorism and
brutal kidnapping that affects certain areas of Mexico.  Come and see for yourself !!

In Baja California Sur there's a place called Los Cabos which is composed of the two main towns. One is a quaint old colonial  town founded in 1730 by the name of San Jose del Cabo (where the main international airport is located). The other is the "party town" known as Cabo San Lucas where many well known movie stars from Hollywood come and spend the weekend (a short 2 hour plane trip from LA !!). There's also the city of La Paz (The Peace), capital of Baja California Sur, with a population of over 250,000, major international airport, and well known for being one of the safest cities in North America.  

But our favorite community is Todos Santos and especially Los Cerritos where the mountains and  desert meet the gentle Pacific Ocean. Please check our listings page to see the beauty that many folks are not currently aware of, but not for long...  If you're interested in receiving more information about Los Cabos, Los Cerritos, Pescadero, Todos Santos and La Paz please contact us, you've got nothing to lose.  

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